SB County Fish & Wildlife

Regarding Amending Vandenberg State Marine Reserve Area Regulations

Link to Response Letter – Response from fish and wildlife to Jim Throop

Jim Mosby comments:

Check out how Newport Beach is protecting its Snowy Plover population. Why can’t Lompoc be held to the same standard?

In my time on City Council, I have fought to re-open non-motorized activities like canoeing, kayaking, and windsurfing in the estuary at Ocean Park and expand the ability for Lompocians to walk along with more of our beach.

It is an uphill battle because there are powerful forces that continue to restrict growth and development in the Lompoc Valley.

Why should Lompocians be treated any differently than residents of Newport Beach, or any other part of the coast of California where plovers live? Help me get Ocean Park opened up again!

Contact George Chapjian and tell him you live in Lompoc and want the ability to enjoy our estuary the way we used to. His email is

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