Make Jalama Free

Jalama Beach

Open letter to our county supervisor.

Ms. Hartman

As you are most likely aware Lompoc has over the years had great struggles having access to a year-round beach. In the past, many locals would park on the hill above Jalama and walk into the park. Now the county has understandably eliminated that parking, probably due to safety concerns.

However, Jalama has over the years become a Mecca for out-of-area visitors, which is a good thing, but with the parking restrictions and the popularity, access, and fees have become problematic for local citizens. Particularly for a low-income local family that wishes to visit it a few times a month.

I would like to suggest that you present and support a proposal to the county board of supervisors that citizens with a 93436 zip code be provided free day-use access to Jalama. This is not a complex issue, should be easy to understand and implement, and would not cost the county very much. This would also go a long way towards demonstrating to Lompoc’s citizens that our county cares about social justice and Lompoc by providing reasonable access to a local resource.

Thank you for your consideration