Request for Information – Forms & Permits

Request for Forms and Permits Information for:

  • Holding a Protest
  • Holding Political Rally
  • Filming in Town for Business
  • Broadcast or Radio Show for a Business out of residency
  • Commercial Drone Flights & / Or Drone Filming

Also, If there is a place in the code regarding any of the above, the reference to those.


City Response:

Good Afternoon:

This is a written response to your request for information received by this office on August 13, 2020 via email (see below).

City Staff has spent time researching information responsive to your request and found the attached documents.

Forms and or permits for

  • Holding a Protest
  • Holding a Political Rally
  • Filming in Town for Business
    • Attached you will find a PDF copy of the Public Gathering Permit Application as well as the Planning Division’s general application for a temporary use permit. The general application for a TUP is what is required for commercial filming activities inside the City Limits.
  • Broadcast or Radio Show for a Business out of residency
    • The application for a Home Use Permit and a Business Tax Certificate have been attached to this email.
  • Commercial Drone Flights and or Drone Filming
    • Please note – the City follows the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations regarding the operation of a drone.  Persons operating a drone must have an FAA license to fly inside the City of Lompoc.


I have included a link to the City’s webpage which houses the Lompoc Municipal Code.

The City considers this request complete and closed.


Thank you,
Stacey Haddon
City Clerk, City of Lompoc
(805) 875-8241


Forms Provided by City