Request for Information – Lompoc Homicides

Lompoc Homicides

Request for Information – Lompoc Homicides

  • How many homicides occurred in Lompoc from 2000 to August 9th, 2020?
    • Please provide a breakdown by year.
  • List of yes/no on the years there were pay increases given to the police department during the same time span.

City Response:

Good Morning:

This written response is regarding your request for information received by this office on August 9, 2020 via email (see below).

City Staff has spent time researching your request and identified 11 PDF documents in response to your request.  The documents are the approved Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Lompoc and the Lompoc Police Officer’s Association from 1999 to 2020.   You can obtain those documents via the dropbox link below.

The crime statistics you are looking for are reported to the US Department of Justice and available via this link

A sample report has been attached to this email for your convenience.

Files Provided by City of Lompoc